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Dry Film Thickness – DFT

Dry Film Thickness (DFT)

What is dry film thickness?

Dry film thickness (DFT) is a measure of the total thickness of a dry coating applied to a surface. It is usually expressed in mils or microns, and can be measured with calipers, laser instruments, magnetic pull-off gauges, X-ray fluorescence and others. DFT is important for determining how thick a coating needs to be to provide adequate protection and durability, as well as for providing an accurate record of work that has been done on a given project.

Why measure dry film thickness?

Ensuring dry film thickness is a crucial part of any paint job and using the right equipment for the job is paramount. From printers to portable gauges, there are various types of dry film thickness gauges on the market, each with its own unique elements that can provide an accurate test result. Of all the dry film testing equipment available, bridge-type gauges are perhaps the most popular since they allow users to take measurements while simultaneously preparing additional patches to be tested. This type of dry film gauge offers tremendous accuracy with features such as digital or analog readouts and adjustable probe lengths that enable tests to be performed on surfaces of varying thicknesses. Ultimately, when it comes to dry film testing, bridge-type gauges provide unparalleled convenience and accuracy — all at an affordable price.

PosiTest DFT
PosiTest DFT

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