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Revolutionize Your Paint and Coating Testing with Automatic Film Applicators

Get Professional Accuracy with Automated Application

Precision and Fast Results

The Automatic Film Applicators are designed to provide precise results in a fraction of time. Our applicators from TQC Sheen use advanced technology to ensure that the film is applied to the substrate accurately, quickly, and evenly. This allows for more accurate results and faster testing in the paint and coating industry.

Automated Process

The Automatic Film Applicators use an automated process to coat the substrate with a film. This eliminates the need for manual application of the film, providing more consistent and accurate results. The automated process ensures that the film is applied evenly and accurately, resulting in increased accuracy and precision in your paint and coating tests.

Reduce Testing Time

Our selection of Automatic Film Applicators reduce the amount of time needed for testing. With these applicators, you can save time and resources by automatically coating the substrate with a film. This reduces the amount of time needed for testing and allows you to achieve faster and more accurate results.

TQC Sheen Compact Automatic Film Applicator
TQC Sheen Compact Automatic Film Applicator

An automatic film applicator is a specialized tool used in the field of materials science and engineering for applying a thin, uniform film of a liquid or paste material onto a substrate. This tool is essential for many research applications where precise control over film thickness and consistency is required. Automatic film applicators are commonly used in industries such as coatings, adhesives, and electronics.

The process involves placing the substrate on the bed of the applicator and then dispensing the liquid or paste material onto the surface. The applicator then spreads the material evenly across the surface using a set speed and pressure, resulting in a smooth, uniform film of consistent thickness. This ensures that samples are prepared consistently each time, reducing variability between experiments and improving accuracy.

Automatic film applicators can be programmed to apply films with varying thicknesses depending on the requirements of the experiment. Some models also feature adjustable speeds and pressures to accommodate different types of materials as well as interchangeable blades to allow for customization.

Overall, an automatic film applicator is an indispensable tool for researchers working with liquid or paste materials who require precise control over their experiments’ variables. Its ability to produce uniform films quickly and accurately saves valuable time while ensuring reliable results.

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