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Amine Blush Kit

Quick and Easy Testing with TQC Sheen Amine Blush Kit

Ensure the Quality and Safety of Your Surface with the Amine Blush Kit

Fast and Effective Results

The TQC Sheen Amine Blush kit is a quick and easy way to test the Amine Blush on a surface. The kit comes with a 3 step indicator that allows for fast and accurate results with 100 tests from one kit. The clear color indicator will display yellow, red and purple, so that you can easily identify if the surface is free from Amine contaminants. Red will indicate a possible presence, and purple will indicate the presence of Amines.

Easy to Use

The TQC Sheen Amine Blush kit is easy to use and provides fast and accurate results. The kit comes with clear instructions and can be used by anyone. The quick and easy to use kit allows you to test the surface in a matter of minutes, ensuring the quality and safety of your surface.

Reliable Results

The TQC Sheen Amine Blush kit provides reliable results that you can trust. The kit comes with a clear color indicator that will accurately display the result of the test. With the easy to use kit, you can rest assured that your surface is free from Amines, and that you can use it safe in the knowledge that it is free from contamination.

Amine blush kit
Amine blush kit

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