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What Are ACT Orange Peel Standards?

What Are ACT Orange Peel Standards?

What are Orange Pell Standards Used For?

Orange peel standards are used to gauge common imperfections in paint and coating finishes that can negatively affect the overall look and performance of the product. The American Coatings Technology (ACT) has developed a set of standards for orange peel that can be used to ensure high-quality results and ensure that the finished product meets certain aesthetic requirements. In this blog, we’ll discuss what these standards mean and how they can help you get better-quality coatings with minimal effort.

Acceptable Orange Peel Standards

The ACT orange peel standard consists of two components: an accepted measurement system and an acceptable finish level. The measurement system provides guidelines on how to measure the level of orange peel present in a coating, while the acceptable finish level sets limits on what amount of orange peel is considered acceptable. This allows manufacturers to easily assess whether their coating meets the desired standards or not, without relying too much on visual judgment.

Orange Peel Standard Measurements

The ACT orange peel measurements are expressed in micrometers (μm). These measurements must be taken from the surface at multiple points, then averaged together to arrive at an overall measurement value for each panel tested. The key to getting accurate measurements is to use uniform lighting conditions so that only reflections from surface imperfections are detected by the gauge.

Orange Peel Standards Fail

The acceptable range for orange peel varies depending on the application – some products may require a smoother finish than others – but typically falls between 2-4 μm for automotive finishes and 4-10 μm for industrial coatings. Anything above or below these figures would generally be considered unacceptable according to the standard.

Ensure Top-Quality Paint and Coatings Finishes with ACT Orange Peel Standards

Following the ACT orange peel standard will help manufacturers ensure that their coatings have consistent coverage and meet all required aesthetic criteria. Additionally, it will also provide them with valuable data which they can use to tweak their processes accordingly in order to achieve better results more efficiently.

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