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Achieve Quality Control with The Coatmaster Flex

The Flexible Coating Thickness Gauge

Enhanced Accuracy and Efficiency

The Coatmaster Flex is the perfect tool for any paint shop, body shop or manufacturing plant that needs to accurately measure the thickness of coating materials. This flexible tool provides enhanced accuracy and efficiency, allowing you to take readings at multiple points quickly and easily. The flexible design allows for use on flat surfaces as well as hard-to-reach areas such as corners or tight spaces where conventional gauges cannot be used.

Superior Performance

The Coatmaster Flex is designed for superior performance, giving you the most accurate readings possible. This cutting-edge technology ensures that you get the best results, helping you to maintain quality control and deliver a superior product.

Innovative Design

The Coatmaster Flex has an innovative design that is not only easy to use, but also allows for a wide range of measurements. This means you can take readings of multiple points quickly and easily, saving you time and reducing costs. The flexible design also enables you to use the tool in hard-to-reach areas that conventional gauges cannot be used in.

Coatmaster Flex Contactless Coating Thickness Gauge
Coatmaster Flex Contactless Coating Thickness Gauge
Coatmaster Flex Contactless Paint Thickness Gauge

Just pick it up and start measuring.

  • This handheld is the most innovative one in terms of contactless coating thickness measurement.

  • Would you like to measure the coating thickness early in the process in order to save material and avoid coating mistakes? Then the coatmaster Flex is the right measurement device for you.

  • Optimize your process and get your coatmaster Flex now. If you are not completely satisfied within the first 30 days after delivery, you can return it free of charge.

  • Convince yourself of the efficiency and save up to 6’000 Euro per month of coating material per production line. Reduce rejects and increase production quality.

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Enjoy top quality coating thickness readings with Coatmaster Flex!

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