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The TQC Amine Blush Kit is a multi step amine blush indicator. Due to advanced research on suitable media the TQC Amine Blush Kit is the most advanced kit on the marked. Based on a double color change the indicator is the first to implement this multi step color change.



Manual – German (796.40 KB)
Manual – English (796.62 KB)
Manual – Dutch (926.89 KB)



The TQC Sheen Amine blush is an easy to use and fast kit for testing the Amine Blush on a surface. The quick and adequate test kit incorporates a 3 step indicator and allows for fast and safe recognition of Amine contaminants on the surface. The kit allows to conduct 100 test from one kit. The clear color indicator will go from yellow to red to purple. Where red shows a possible presence and needs you to check a little later again, and purple is Amines present.

SKU: SP7500

TQC Amine Blush kit

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 in
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