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TQC SHEEN Machu Test Bath 11 Liter – VF8700

Machu Test Bath (11 liter) with Plastic Container (4 liter)




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TQC SHEEN Machu Test Bath 11 Liter

The Machu test is an accelerated corrosion test (immersion test) on test panels according to Qualicoat specifications. The Machu test gives you the opportunity to evaluate the weathering performance of powder coating systems, pigments fading, film haziness & loss of gloss and film.
24 hours test duration is equivalent to 500 hours in a salt spray chamber.
48 hours test duration is equivalent to 1.000 hours in a salt spray chamber.
The test is made in a warm and acidic test solution at a temperature of 37 °C. The test solution consists of natrium chloride, acetic acid and hydrogen peroxide. After a test period of 24 h the test solution has to be renewed and the pH value corrected by using hydrogen peroxide.
Because of the aggressive test solution a smaller plastic container is integrated to place the test panels inside.
The test panels need to be scratched crosswise with a 1mm cutting tool before placing them in the warm moisture test chamber. The fluid content, temperature and remain time are specified.
Machu Test Bath (11 liter) with plastic container (4 liter)

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 in

Dimensions (inside):  302x240x150 mm / 11.89×9.45×5.91 inch

Dimensions (outside):  338x280x260 mm / 13.31×11.02×10.24 inch

Controls:  Digital Fuzzy controller with jog-shuttle knob

Display:  Illuminated LCD

Contents:  11 l

Sensor:  PT100

Temperature range:  ambient + 5ºC tot 100ºC / ambient + 41ºF tot 212ºF

Temperature Accuracy:  +/- 0.1ºC / +/- 0.18ºF

Timer:  99 hr 59 min for turn-off and -on delay

Safety features:  Over temperature and over current protector, sensor control

Power:  1.2 kW

Power supply:  220 – 230VAC / 50 – 60Hz

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