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CC2000 Basic (holder only) Knife not included – SP1665

Frequently used and standardized instrument to test the adhesion of dry coatings on their substrate.

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The TQC CC2000 Cross Cut Adhesion Tester is used to test the adhesion of dry coats of paint on their substrate by means of a series of cuts through the coating. Two series of parallel cuts cross angled to each other to obtain a pattern of 25 or 100 similar squares. The ruled area is evaluated by using a table chart after a short treatment with a stiff brush, or adhesive tape for hard substrates.

The cutting knife of the TQC Cross Cut Adhesion Test CC2000 is easy to exchange without the use of extra tools. The self positioning knife bracket of the TQC Cross Cut Adhesion Test CC2000 ensures equal pressure on the cutting knife.

Each TQC Cross Cut Adhesion Test KIT CC2000 contains a grip with cutter, a brush, an illuminated loupe and a roll of adhesive tape acc. ISO 2409.

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CC2000 – Datasheet (677.61 KB)
CC2000 – Manual (497.39 KB)

    Weight5 lbs
    Dimensions12 × 12 × 6 in

    Material: Aluminum, Rubber, Vacuum Hardened Stainless Steel

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