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Wire Bar Coater for 180, 230 or 320 mm film width

Wire bar applicator with a film width of 180, 230 or 320 mm and available in ranges from 0 to 300 µm


Wire bar applicator with a film width of 180, 230 or 320 mm and available in ranges from 0 to 300 µm
The Wire bar or spiral bar / drawdown rod applicator is ideal for applying a film on thin materials such as sheets or plastic. Also works on flexible substrates, and with motorized film applicators*. The high-grade stainless steel will not be affected by acid or base elements.

Material: Stainless Steel
Straightness: <50µm

AB3720 – AB3742: Total width 290 mm; only suitable for Automatic Film Applicator ‘Compact’. 



180mm film width 230mm film width 320mm film width
0µm SH0632 AB3742 AB3070
4µm SH0168 SB3720 AB3050
6µm SH0232 AB3721 AB3051
8µm SH0262 AB3722 AB3052
10µm SH0631 AB3723 AB3053
12µm SH0676 AB3724 AB3054
14µm SH0700 AB3725 AB3055
16µm SH0728 AB3726 AB3056
18µm SH0751 AB3743 AB3082
20µm SH0799 AB3727 AB3057
24µm SH0856 AB3728 AB3058
26µm SH0897 AB3744 AB3083
28µm SH0921 AB3745 AB3084
30µm SH0941 AB3729 AB3059
32µm SH0965 AB3746 AB3085
34µm SH0978 AB3730 AB3060
36µm SH0994 AB3747 AB3086
38µm SH1018 AB3731 AB3061
40µm SH1042 AB3732 AB3062
46µm SH1091 AB3748 AB3087
48µm SH8007 AB3749 AB3088
50µm SH1144 AB3733 AB3063
56µm SH1216 AB3734 AB3064
60µm SH1231 AB3735 AB3065
66µm SH1266 AB3750 AB3089
70µm SH1280 AB3751 AB3094
76µm SH1314 AB3736 AB3066
80µm SH1341 AB3752 AB3095
88µm SH1372 AB3753 AB3096
100µm SH0326 AB3737 AB3067
120µm SH0797 AB3738 AB3068
128µm SH0919 AB3754 AB3097
150µm SH1686 AB3739 AB3072
200µm SH0329 AB3740 AB3069
300µm SH0338 AB3755 AB3099
Custom SH2005 AB3741 AB3071

Wire bar coaters with starting art. code AB…. fit TQC/ TQC Sheen Automatic Film Applicator Models sold from 2012 and on. If you have an older model TQC Automatic Film Applicator, another type of wire bar applicator has to be used. Please contact us for availability.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 7 × 7 in

0µm, 4µm, 6µm, 8µm, 10µm, 12µm, 14µm, 16µm, 18µm, 20µm, 24µm, 26µm, 28µm, 30µm, 32µm, 34µm, 36µm, 38µm, 40µm, 46µm, 48µm, 50µm, 56µm, 60µm, 66µm, 70µm, 76µm, 80µm, 88µm, 100µm, 120µm, 128µm, 150µm, 200µm, 300µm, Custom µm on request

Film Width

180mm, 230mm, 320mm


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