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Baker Film Applicators

Standard and Special Width Models available



baker-film-applicator-vf2145-d44-12.pdf (181.54 KB)


Cylindrical film applicator with 4 application sides for applicating paint-films of 4 different predefined thicknesses. The Baker applicator’s are available in film width 60 mm and 80 mm and are suitable for applying a host of different products onto flat and relatively solid substrates. Since it’s made out of high-grade stainless steel, the Baker Film Applicator will not be affected by acid or base elements.


60mm 80 mm 100mm 150mm
50/100/150/200 µm VF2147 VF1502 VF1523 VF1528
30/60/90/120 µm VF2146 VF2501 VF1522 VF1527
15/30/60/90 µm VF2145 VF1500 VF2521 VF1526
Custom VF1510 VF1515 VF1520 VF1525

Special Widths or Gaps Models


Baker film applicator *special* Width between 151-200mm


TQC Baker film applicator *special* Width between 201-250mm


Baker film applicator *special* Width between 251-400mm


TQC Baker film applicator 80mm, Special, gaps 2×90/2×150µm

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 4 in
Part No.

VF1500 – 80mm, 15/30/60/90µm, VF1501 – 80mm, 30/60/90/120µm, VF1502 – 80mm, 50/100/150/200µm, VF1510 – 60mm, 4 gaps as desired, VF1515 – 80mm, 4 gaps as desired, VF1560 – 80mm, 2×90µm / 2×150µm (special diameter: 18mm instead of 27mm), VF1520 – 100mm, 4 gaps as desired, VF1521 – 100mm, gaps 15/30/60/90µm, VF1522 – 100mm, gaps 30/60/90120µm, VF1523 – 100mm, gaps 50/100/150/200µm, VF1525 – 150mm, 4 gaps as desired Max. gap size: 3000µm, VF1526 – 150mm, gaps 15/30/60/90µm, VF1527 – 150mm, gaps 30/60/90/120µm, VF1528 – 150mm, gaps 50/100/150/200µm, VF1529 – Baker film applicator *special* Width between 151-200mm, VF1531 – TQC Baker film applicator *special* Width between 201-250mm, VF1532 – Baker film applicator *special* Width between 251-400mm, VF2145 – 60mm, 15/30/60/90µm, VF2146 – 60mm, 30/60/90/120µm, calibration certificate included, VF2147 – 60mm, 50/100/150/200µm

Material:  ASAB Stavax ESR medical grade stainless tool steel, Sub Zero Vacuum hardened (+1756°C to -70°C), hardness HRC 55 (through hardened)

Accuracy:  +/- 2 µm

Surface treatment:  Polished