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Reaching 4″ Blade. composite magnetic End Mount/ long Nose – N88-05MC

TriGauge: Western’s patented Lever Type Pit Gauge with Metric and Imperial Scales. Inquire at your supplier for information,


Assuring compliance with Corrosion Allowances for equipment wherever Corrosion affects materials, such as Pipeline, Vessels, Piping, Storage Tanks, Oil Country Tubular Goods, Drill Pipe, Bottom Hole Assemblies, Bridges and Structures, Shipping, Concrete, and Aircraft Components. Due to there versatility, many of our Pit Gauges have other uses, such as wear measurement, Weld Alignment, Structural Fit-up, etc. Western Instruments Dial Pit Gauges allow the Corrosion Inspector to conveniently measure Pit Depth or material loss in areas of Weight-Loss Corrosion. Various types are available for different applications, including the Tri-Gauge for basic evaluation and the Bridging Pit Gauge for evaluating large areas of weight loss corrosion. The right gauge for the right application.


Manufacturer: Western Instruments
Manufacturer Part No.: N88-05MC
Part No.: N88-05MC
Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 5 in
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