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Nordson Non-Loading kV Meter Kit

The Nordson Non-Loading kV Meter Kit kV meter precisely measures actual output voltage in liquid and powder coating operations and is available at Great Lakes Gages.  It is used to troubleshoot electrostatic spray systems.  The flexible cable attachment measures voltage inside high-voltage power supply for powder and liquid coating application systems.


Nordson Non-Loading kV Meter Kit


Output characteristics differ between various high-voltage power supplies. As a result, conventional kV meters allow relatively high currents to flow through them. This can produce inaccurate high-voltage measurements of electrostatic components in a powder or liquid coating system. Such inexact gauging can hinder system diagnostics, troubleshooting and maintenance, and impede the performance and efficiency of your coating operation.

Now, you can measure actual output voltage of liquid and powder coating operations in an industrial environment with laboratory precision.

The new Nordson non-loading kV meter (P/N 185807) is designed to allow virtually no current to be conducted through it. With an ultra-high internal impedance of 100 giga ohms (100 x 109 ohms), the Nordson kV meter conducts no more than 1 μA of current at 100 kV, making it possible to measure power supply output in virtually open-circuit conditions for maximum accuracy. The Nordson non-loading kV meter is designed for ease of use and safe operation. The lightweight high-voltage probe has a securely grounded ergonomic handle and connects to a precision digital multi-meter through a flexible cable.

With two different attachments, the probe can be used for measuring voltage on the tip of a spray gun, high-voltage cable, or inside a high-voltage power supply.

Nordson Non-Loading kV Meter Kit Features and Benefits

  • 100 giga ohm internal resistance
    — conducts no more than 1 μA of current at 100 kV to provide maximum accuracy when measuring voltage output in virtually open circuit conditions.
  • Accuracy of ±1% of the meter reading in 0 to 200 kV range
    — provides precise measurements needed for system diagnostics, troubleshooting and maintenance.
  • Durable, lightweight attaché case
    — facilitates transportation and storage of unit.
  • Ball and flexible cable attachments
    — measures voltage on tip of a spray gun, high-voltage cable or inside a high-voltage power supply for greater flexibility.
  • Securely grounded, ergonomic handle
    — assures safe, easy operation.




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    Weight13 lbs
    Dimensions20 × 17 × 7 in

    Measurement Range
    0-200 kV
    Internal Impedance
    100 x 109 ohms
    (with ball attachment)
    Length 30.5 in.
    Weight 2.25 lbs.
    Attaché Case
    (complete kit with all attachments)
    Weight 10.98 lbs.
    Dimensions 19″ x 14″ x 5″