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Jr. Bridging Pit Gauge Super – N88-11S

The Jr. Bridging Pit Gauge Group provides Inspectors with an Economical Alternative to the Bridging Pit Gauge System. The new Jr. Bridging Pit Gauge is available as 3 models; the standard Jr. Bridging Pit Gauge, the Plus, and the Super. The standard Jr. Bridging Pit Gauge assembles to an overall length of 13″ (340mm). The Jr. Bridging Pit Gauge Plus can be assembled in either Spanning or Cantilevering Configurations up to 15″ (394mm) long. While the Jr. Bridging Pit Gauge Super can also be assembled in both Spanning or Cantilevering Configurations, up to 27″ (685mm) long.

The Junior’s Main Blade, and the optional Extender Blades are fitted with strong magnets that secure any of the Jr. Bridging Pit Gauges to the surface of the workpiece. These Magnetic Hold Downs have several benefits, such as; Aligning the unit to Concave or Convex surfaces, keeping the operator free to record readings or manipulate the assembly when Scanning through Pits and Weight loss Corrosion. These features position the Plus, and the Super far ahead of any competitive units.

Name Part# Description
Jr. Bridging
Pit Gauge Super
N88-11S Main Blade, Imperial Dial Indicator, 3-Connector Blades, 4-Extender Tees, 2-End Blades, Hardware, Extra Contact Point, and Carrying Case.


Manufacturer: Western Instruments
Manufacturer Part No.: N88-11S
Part No.: N88-11S
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