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CurveX Insulation Box – Higher temperatures / Including Heat Absorber – CX2400

CurveX Insulation Box – Higher temperatures CX2400 / Including Heat Absorber CX4205


CurveX Insulation Box

What is a CurveX Insulation Box? When conveyor ovens are utilized the CurveX data tracker has to travel with the parts on the conveyor through the oven. TQC provides a series of heat barrier systems to protect the oven data tracker from the high temperatures.

A number of standard insulation boxes are available. Custom made barrier systems are available upon request for most applications.

TQC manufactures barrier systems on request for any application, time and temperature of industrial ovens for enameling, ceramic curing, powder coating curing, wet paint curing, re-flow, tunnel kilns firing brick and roof tiles, tableware, sanitary ware, tile, refractory, heat treating, annealing, brazing, homogenizing, decorating, tempering, forming, frit sealing, normalizing, billet reheating, slab reheating, pressure.

Standard TQC heat barriers systems consist of durable high-grade stainless steel outer boxes with special insulation material. Most system also carry a Hi-Tech heat sink that absorbs the heat that travels through the box over longer periods of time.

It is always advised to utilize a box with a higher protection rate than what is minimal required for the total temperature profiling process. In unforeseen situations like a broken conveyor the logger will “survive” and ready for another go.


Datasheet – CX2400 (117.23 KB)

Insulation Box – Higher temperatures CX2400 / Including Heat Absorber CX4205

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    Weight9 lbs
    Dimensions12 × 12 × 6 in

    Height:  250 mm / 9.80 in

    Length:  540 mm / 21.3 in

    Width:  360 mm / 14.2 in

    Weight:  ±32 Kg / 70.55 lbs

    Max temperature 850°C / 1562°F, refer to datasheet for insulation curve.: